Attend a CEU Workshop in Ashland: The Empty Chair: Grief and the Holidays - December 1

Learn strategies to find joy in the holidays while honoring the memory of loved ones from
elder expert Malka Young, JFS Care Manager, on December 1st at The Residence at Valley Farm.

Enlisting Geriatric Care for Aging Parents

A personal story from JFS board members

One terribly hot summer, we helped move our son to North Carolina, stopping to check in on my parents on the way home.  They hadn’t turned on the air conditioning and had not eaten all day.  My mother had fallen several times, declining to go to the hospital when the emergency service came after each fall. 

Living with Diabetes: How do I manage it all?

Living with Diabetes is complicated.  I have to watch what I eat, I’m supposed to exercise, and then I have to check my blood sugar.  It’s all I can do to take my medication.  Where do I start?

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

I’m having a hard time managing all the needs of my elder parents. I hear a geriatric care manager might be help. Would you explain what geriatric care managers do, how they are trained and certified, how much they cost, and how consumers can make wise decisions if they decide to hire one?